Friday, 5 July 2019

Friday, 7 June 2019


tessellations : is a shapes that fit together without overlapping and gaps and can repeat forever
mc escher was the first person to connect tessellations with maths he found the tessellations in a cathedral well he was visiting spain he found them fascinating however he didn't create tessellations they were alive for millions of years before him he only made more math with them believe it or not mc escher was never too smart

here are some examples of tessellations:

mine                                                                                                         eschers

Friday, 24 May 2019

creche du bois gentil - kiwi creche

kiwi creche: is a place were young kiwi spend their time in a preterter proof fenced in enclosure and later on released when there oldernoth to fend off predators there territory is usually around 1.5 km large

Room 8 and room 7 got the opportunity to witness the important kiwi we were trusted  to see the kiwi up close and learn all about them. when we arrived at the kiwi creche the first thing we done was the breathing like stay quiet and so on all the boring stuff then we got sorted into 2 groups. then we had to go through the door thing the door is created so then people can enter into a mini cage then we shut the door we went into and opined the other door that went inside the kiwi creche then we went to a cottage thing were the told us were we will be going. i was staying at the information cottage thing to learn about the traps and how they work then we went to see the kiwi before we went ray one of the workers of the crèches works showed us how they found the kiwis they have little thing on the kiwis feet that send signals to a receiver it was cool when we were close to the kiwi we had to be really quiet the kiwi was so cute

and that sums up the day

Wednesday, 8 May 2019

coordinates and map-work blog post

warning cheesy ending 

lately in class we have being learning about coordinates and map-work, as well as compass work
like how many directions in a compass easy 16 of them. north,north-northeast,northeast,east-northeast,east,east-southeast, so on or how to navigate a map like rotating the map to the direction you going this way you have a working compass and so much more i remember drawing maps for the upcoming treasure hunt. or a extremely detailed floor plan for the school

but out of all of them i liked the treasure hunt i was not doing it because i helped set it up but it was fun helping other people find the treasure as well as tagging along with eating the chocolate prize at the end yes that was a good day for everyone

all and all i say if i got lost in the bush with only a compass im getting out there or if i got gavin a page full a coordinates i'm gonna find that prize at the end

but seriale i think i've succeeded in completing my job as a student and participating in every choice  giving to me and every good chance to learn some valuable lesson for my future i can say i understand how to read coordinates and map-work now and im proud of that effort           

Thursday, 28 March 2019

paper planes

at school yesterday we had a paper plane challenge (who can fly there plane the longest)

what makes a good paper plane- a paper plane should be stable and able to fly long distances and have a strong tip so it doesn't get munted and a fast flyer,

what we learned about making paper planes, i learned that the better the plane the longer it will fly and the better folded the longer its gonna last and the more aerodynamic it is the faster it gonna go 

here is a chart showing the results  as you can see jono came 1st stella 2ed and jess 3rd  and i'm not on here cause i was not at school

Monday, 18 March 2019

"what is a hero?"

what is a hero? do you know? think for one moment, do you have someone you look up to and admire ? or maybe he or she is your hero ? did your hero do anything to earn you your respect? is he or she just an normal person walking down the street? or a person you watched on tv let's ask google what is a hero google? a person who is admired for their courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities., no one can fully decide or command they know what a hero is "what is a hero" that is a common statement they mack kids of all ages decide i bet you none of those kid doesn't know the teacher wasn't meaning batman superman wonder woman hulk so on but instead a human with no supernatural powers no history of saving people no unrealistic characteristics or a hero type job a hero to me is someone willing to risk there life when there friend need them and human that may make mistakes but realize them and fix them someone ovoides to hurt people and if someone is in trouble or sad and at their lowest they will reach out and confit them,support them someone whos is selfless and shears with others someone who may hurt other people but try to make it up to them and most of all when everyone is washed away and ruined they aren't afraid to ammit there wrong and they lift the mood when everyone is stuck in deep despair they don't think twice to crack a joke and make everyone laugh or smile that is a hero someone hows life is not forgotten now thing long do you have a hero i don't look up to anyone as a hero but more like a role model  

hero quotes 

a hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger then oneself - Joseph Campbell a hero is no braver than an ordinary man but he is brave fire minutes longer - Ralph Weldo Emarson  

Friday, 15 March 2019